I’ll Be Speaking At OSCON In Portland, Oregon (July, 2015)

I’m very pleased to announce that I will be speaking at the Open Source Conference (July 20-24, 2015) in Portland, Oregon! All the details of my talk are here:


I first attended the Open Source Conference in the year 2000. Back then, I was a very green software engineer writing code for Alexa. Going to OSCON was an amazing experience because I got to see and meet many of my technology heroes, including the colorful Larry Wall (creator of the Perl programming language).

Open source was a movement that would change my life. Linux and the *BSDs made the commodity-grade cluster systems that I used at Alexa and the Internet Archive feasible. No licensing costs combined with cheap hardware enabled a myriad of ground-breaking experiments centered around collecting, managing, and analyzing very large datasets. Discovery Mining, the company I co-founded, would also have been inconceivable without the new possibilities opened up by open source software.

Official Red Hat Linux 3.03 CDs - March, 1996
A geektastic moment nonpareil to receive these in the mail and install Linux for the first time.
(image: © Jason Maxham)

Since 2000, I’ve attended many more OSCONs. The people I’ve met there have a wonderful independent spirit and the panoply of talks are always useful and mind-expanding. As an entrepreneur, I would frequently come away with many more good ideas than I had time to implement. Of course, I’ve learned a lot about troubleshooting there as well: during a presentation given by some very smart Netflix engineers, I was first introduced to the elegant and naughty chaos monkeys. Mind. Blown.

Given this history, it’s always been an ambition of mine to someday speak at OSCON. After I released my book, I knew it was time to finally submit a proposal. Much to my surprise, it was accepted!

I look forward to introducing the attendees of OSCON 2015 to The Art Of Troubleshooting.


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