Table Of Contents


Here you’ll find articles about my theory of fixing things, economic considerations, tools, and the origin of the project:

Let’s throw this switch and get started!


The strategies below are time-tested, practical recipes for troubleshooting:

Chess Players at Medborgarplatsen in Stockholm 1957
There are many ways to win the game.


This section is devoted to the behaviors and mindset of a great troubleshooter:

The Classical Virtues were: prudence, justice, temperance, and fortitude. If you want extra credit, you can practice those too.
  • Skepticism: not getting sucked into other people’s false beliefs.
  • Listen Up: using all your senses.
  • Curiosity: become interested in the world around you.
  • Out Of Your Vulcan Mind: the importance of being organized, systematic, detail-oriented, and logical.
  • Creativity: recognizing the difference between machines and the purposes they serve. The many paths you can take to a repair.
  • Be Present: keeping yourself externally focused is critical, especially at the beginning of a troubleshooting exercise.
  • Setting Boundaries: deliberately choosing your commitments, setting expectations.


After you’ve fixed it, be sure to learn from the experience and make improvements for the future:

When the job is done, it’s time to wash up.


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