Listen to my interview on the I Love Data Centers Podcast

Recently, I was a guest on the I Love Data Centers Podcast. This interesting show is the creation of Sean Tario from Open Spectrum. Back when I was CTO of Discovery Mining, I met Sean while he was working at our ISP and colocation provider. Of course, for a SaaS company, this is one of the most important vendor relationships you will cultivate. When your customers access your product via the Internet, the quality and stability of your connection is paramount. When everything is working right, you can focus on making that projected hockey stick graph—you know, the one you showed to your investors—come true. When this critical system doesn’t work, you can feel like a hostage.

That’s why I was so glad to get Sean on our side. At a low point in my relationship with this particular ISP, he stepped up and became our main point of contact and advocate, injecting much-needed energy to get problems solved. Since then, he’s gone on to great things, becoming an authority on all aspects of data centers and starting his own business (Open Spectrum) that helps companies navigate this fascinating new world of digital infrastructure.

I had an engaging conversation with Sean on his podcast, talking about troubleshooting, technology, and more. You can listen to the episode here:

I Love Data Centers Podcast – Episode 10 – Jason Maxham


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