1,000 downloads of The Right Questions!

The Right Questions, A Universal Troubleshooting Guide - v5

Today, I’m pleased to announce that seekers of fix-it wisdom have downloaded over 1,000 copies of my Universal Troubleshooting Guide!

The origin of the list was my attempt to distill every chapter in my book down to a single question; I was originally going to conclude every chapter this way. Later, I began to wonder how my ideas would actually be used in the field: after all, my goal is to raise the quality of troubleshooting in the real world. I not only want to provide a good general education on the topic, but I also desire to give people a sense that I’m with them all the way—including when you’re swearing like a sailor at a tough problem!

Reading The Checklist Manifesto was the clincher: the checklist is a great model for how to put ideas into action. I assembled all the chapter questions onto a single page and the guide was born. The text was too dense for some people’s taste, so I also released a 2-sided version.

Thanks for downloading and let me know if the guide has helped you!

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