The Art Of Troubleshooting ebook is available again—for FREE!

Art Of Troubleshooting - Book Cover - 3 RowsMany thanks to all of you who supported my work by purchasing the first edition of The Art Of Troubleshooting. I got a great response from readers and of course, this being my first book, I also received some valuable feedback on things to improve.

When I first released The Art Of Troubleshooting, I gave away over 1,000 free digital copies. Getting the book into the hands of so many readers so quickly was a great feeling, and it also generated a good amount of “buzz” that I’m sure carried over into sales later on. However, making money was never the point of this project. A good thing too, because a self-published book will not likely make you rich! 50 Shades of Troubleshooting may be the title of my next work…

When I started this writing project, my original motivation was to fully digest the experience of co-founding and running a startup that was experiencing rapid growth. Then it became my mission to improve the world’s troubleshooting skills by examining and explaining the discipline’s universal principles.

In tune with that mission, I want to make sure there are no barriers to anyone who wants to read my book. So, I removed it from the various platforms on which it was being sold, corrected a few typos, and have made it available again as a FREE download here:

You can fix it!


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