Presenting No Views



Perhaps the most surprising result of my YouTube study was the discovery of large numbers of videos that have never been watched.

Inspired by this finding, I created a page called No Views where you can watch these neglected YouTube videos. By definition, it’s a totally UNIQUE experience!

Check it out here:

3 thoughts on “Presenting No Views

  1. It’s theoretically an interesting concept, Jason, but I gotta tell ya, I watched all or part of about a dozen of these–just the first 12 or so that were (I assume) randomly presented to me–and it was the most boring quarter hour I’ve spent with YouTube! Maybe there is a reason why some videos never get views.


    1. Thanks for giving it a whirl, Larry. Maybe you’re right that these videos should remain in obscurity…

      I’ve gotten a range of opinions, with some people really liking the concept. For those that do, I think the appeal is similar to browsing at yard sales and swap meets. You wade through a lot of junk, driven by the prospect of finding that hidden gem.

      The page was a cinch to code, so I thought I’d put it out there as an experiment. I appreciate the feedback!


      1. It remains a good concept, Jason. It is reasonable to expect that there are hidden gems among the unwatched. I suspect that it fits some personalities better than others. I’ve never enjoyed yard sales and such. They follow the general precept that whatever you’re looking for, good stuff, good music, good books, good ideas, there is always a lot of junque and just a little bit of what you want, and that’s always hidden. I still like your idea, even if I personally probably won’t spend much time following it.


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